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Global Flavors Bento Box Collection

Global Flavors Bento Box Collection

Embark on a culinary journey around the world with our Global Flavors Bento Box Collection. Our chefs have curated a diverse menu inspired by international cuisines, bringing a fusion of tastes to your table. Each Bento Box is a passport to a different corner of the globe, offering an exciting adventure for your taste buds.

  • Menu:

    Monday: Mediterranean Feast

    • Greek Lemon Herb Chicken
      • Ingredients: Chicken breast, lemon, olive oil, garlic, oregano, thyme.
      • Calories: 300-400
    • Quinoa Tabbouleh
      • Ingredients: Quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, mint, lemon, olive oil.
      • Calories: 200-250

    Tuesday: Asian Delights

    • Healthy Salmon Sushi Roll
      • Ingredients: Salmon, brown rice, seaweed, cucumber, avocado.
      • Calories: 300-350
    • Vegetable Stir-Fried Rice
      • Ingredients: Brown rice, mixed vegetables, soy sauce, sesame oil.
      • Calories: 250-300

    Wednesday: Latin Spice

    • Chipotle Lime Shrimp
      • Ingredients: Shrimp, chipotle, lime, garlic, olive oil.
      • Calories: 300-400
    • Black Bean and Corn Salad
      • Ingredients: Black beans, corn, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime.
      • Calories: 200-250
    • Cilantro Lime Rice
      • Ingredients: Basmati rice, cilantro, lime, salt.
      • Calories: 150-200

    Thursday: Middle Eastern Oasis

    • Za'atar Spiced Chicken Skewers
      • Ingredients: Chicken thighs, za'atar spice, yogurt, lemon.
      • Calories: 300-400
    • Hummus and Pita Bread
      • Ingredients: Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon, olive oil.
      • Calories: 200-250
    • Moroccan Roasted Vegetables
      • Ingredients: Bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, Moroccan spices, olive oil.
      • Calories: 150-200

    Friday: Indian Spice Delight

    • Curry Chicken Masala
      • Ingredients: Chicken breast, curry spices, coconut milk, tomatoes.
      • Calories: 350-450
    • Vegetable Samosa
      • Ingredients: Potatoes, peas, carrots, phyllo dough, spices.
      • Calories: 250-300
    • Mango Lassi Chia Pudding
      • Ingredients: Chia seeds, mango, yogurt, honey.
      • Calories: 100-150

    Saturday: Caribbean Bliss

    • Jerk Spiced Pork Tenderloin
      • Ingredients: Pork tenderloin, jerk seasoning, pineapple.
      • Calories: 300-400
    • Coconut Rice and Beans
      • Ingredients: Rice, black beans, coconut milk, spices.
      • Calories: 250-300
    • Pineapple Salsa
      • Ingredients: Pineapple, red onion, cilantro, lime.
      • Calories: 100-150

    Sunday: Southwest Fiesta

    • Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken
      • Ingredients: Chicken breast, cilantro, lime, cumin, chili powder.
      • Calories: 350-450
    • Quinoa and Black Bean Salad
      • Ingredients: Quinoa, black beans, corn, tomatoes, lime.
      • Calories: 250-300
    • Avocado Salsa
      • Ingredients: Avocado, red onion, tomato, cilantro, lime.
      • Calories: 100-150
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